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by Vibe2Vibe

Cloe Luv and Women With Voices

On Friday March 30th , Cloe Luv, founder of Women With Voices, Entrepreneur, and
Motivational speaker, held an awards ceremony. It focused on the accomplishments of Everyday
Women working in fields such as culinary arts, crafts, cosmetics, entertainment, and lifestyle at
Brooklyn Commons, located in Brooklyn New York.
It was 7:15, and Tori Indeed, Cloe Luv, and a few of the other women were in a closed off room
putting the last finishing touches together. On the other side of the glass mirror, the festivities
had already begun as women of all colors and backgrounds strutted back and forth through the
hallway, which was occupied, on both sides by vendors. There was something that everyone
could appreciate, like chocolate covered strawberries, luscious extensions, cheese, and grapes
and motivational cups.
Heavy laughter, lots of smiling, music, singing, poetry, and networking swarmed around the
venue. During this time, Cloe made her rounds while managing to return to the back room for
interviews and more pictures.
“Who Cloe Luv is, asked Tori Indeed?”

(Cloe Luv)

“Def a serial entrepreneur and a Bosstress at the end of the day. I’m the founder of Brook
Brother’s development which Women’s With Voices is a part of. I’ve been very fortunate to
have great women in my life. I wanted to build a community where every woman can feel that.
My program, I want you to meet every woman where she is at, whether a first time parent or
going through a situation, we should be able to meet every woman where she is at, said Cloe
“I definitely love that, and I’m with empowering women. When I heard and learned about your
brand, I fell in love. I said I want to be a part of this, l feel like as women we can speak up like

hey I’m struggling too or I found my happiness. So I definitely respect you and love the brand,
said Tori Indeed.”
In concluding the interview, Cloe Luv gave her contact information and everyone exited the
room. However, the party was still just getting started as the ladies continued to eat, shop, dance,
and uplift one another.
By: Ashleigh S. Wilkerson

Red Carpet Host - Tori Indeed
Filmed by - KM Butterflyy

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