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Taso Teklife Dj set Hawaii

by XaltXpressions
1 year and 2 weeks ago

Producer and Musician Taso brings us a unique style of music that is easy to appreciate, He is a certified audio engineer and simply put whenever Taso’s music plays it is a warm experience to the ears. His music allows you to fully absorb the intricate hard to soft ,and quick to slow transitions that are expressed with true emotion.
He is a growing talent on the world stage having traveled Europe and Africa ,South America and Asia .His fans love him and he does a great job of bringing it 100% every time!
Xalt Records proud to feature Taso and Coop Dville in this video.Knowing that they are friends and acquaintances, we created this production to celebrate the inspiration they have contributed to each other, for you to enjoy.
Michael DeLuca

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