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Universe Miami

Wilameana's World

0001 Universe Miami Dec 12 06:00 PM - 07:57 PM
Wilameana Jones a.k.a. Empress R.A.W (real authentic woman) is the next force to be reckoned with in the hip hop industry! She was born and raised in Miami FL. For the past few years she has been creating a name for herself by ripping down stages throughout the southeast region all while appearing on various mix tapes,internet radio/websites,blog sites and more. She is destined to make her mark as the next multi-talented female entertainer. This extraordinary femcee saw the challenges that are presented to women in the music male dominated industry but has managed to record five mix cd’s and two DVD’s that gave you an up-close and personal glimpse into her world. Not to mention she also earned a bachelors degree from Georgia State University in Journalism concentration in Public Relations while she was on her grind. She is now building her brand and is the host of her own hit radio show, “The Wilameana Jones Experience,” which gives a platform and caters to independent and established artists that she interviews while being on a journey as a female artist. “I am the Empress because I hold my own imperial title. I had to make major moves by myself to gain respect as an upcoming female artist. Now I have created a platform to give artist the chance to shine.”


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