Q: What does H.264 mean?

A: The H.264/AVC video codec was created as a video format capable of providing higher quality video at substantially lower bit rates (half the required bit rate when compared to MPEG2 or MPEG-4). Additionally, the standard was to provide a more flexible foundation for video being applied to a wide variety of applications and under a range of networks and systems. H.264 enables the broadcaster to use utilize low and high bit rates and resolutions.

To read up more on the H.264 standard check out the Wikipedia article here:


The standard defines the syntax of an encoded video bitstream together with the method of decoding this bitstream. More about H.264 can be found here:



Q: Is the fee of $500 a month for your High Definition, H.264 based, broadcaster the correct price and do you know how it compares to companies like livestream.com or justin.tv?

A: Livestream offer two broadcasting plans: $350 and $1250 package. The $350 package says it offers HD but that is not really HD as they use the ON2 technologies based on older codecs which can only push SD. Have a look here:


JustinTV is supposed to be free but that's a solution for broadcasting as a hobby with specific features only aviable to when the user upgrades to a Pro account.


Justin.TV does not  support HD quality streaming as they use the same On2 technologies as LiveStream.

Both Livestream and Justin are using VP6 codec which is inferior to H.264 so basicly all you get is SD quality.


Q: Can you watch UNTV from your iphone?

 A:Yes you can do that too. Here are 2 articles from our professional blog explaining the entire procedure:




Q: What does UNTV offer that other streaming providers do not?

A: Well one of the biggest advantage is that UNTV is a broadcasting platform giving you the chance to offer broadcasting packages to users willing to broadcast. On Ustream you can only broadcast as an end user, with UNTV you can be the owner of the entire community. With a UNTV solution you become the network selling the ability to broadcast, in HD, to anyone who has access to the internet.

Some of the other major features that you will find on UNTV are:

The ability to serve Video and Pop-Up ads within the player

Ability to schedule pre-recorded events to play as a live program with our Channel Manager.  Think of it like a TV Network's show lineup.

Allowing your viewers to watch the stream directly from their Desktop Using our AIR Player