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MR.INCREDIBLESHOW SE2019 EP33 | Keezay Fooliano "Parda Mi Pause"

by ChannelForbus

We naming these episodes now dammit

We welcome this week's episode "Parda Mi Pause" With the very litty and down to earth (I know) Keezay Fooliano and his right hand man ACE.

These two definately brought a whole new dynamic to the show (Aside from alcohol to share). For us definately some of the most challenging and honest Q&A session about being an artist moving from state to state to get your name out there, believing in yourself and your brand and amongst other things.

So many varied topics here and one of the most outspoken...this episode is a must watch

Go listen to his newly dropped EP "Just Foolin' around" on all Streaming Platforms, share the app and this episode and enjoy!!!!

BY the way @ChannelForbus Cosigns the EP

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