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Kate Birch Recap

by Vibe2Vibe

Tori Indeed and Ashleigh S. Wilkerson hosted the Kate Birch interview recap.

Kate Birch is an Artist, Writer and even a day dreamer! You may have seen her work in galleries worldwide, in movies and TV Shows like 21 Jump Street, Glee, Medium, and others. Tori and Ashleigh congratulated her for being on the latest cover of the Most iNFLUENTIAL Art Magazine. They talked about her presence, live interview, display some of her art and closed with snippets of her live interview responses.

Check out Kate Birch on Instagram where she posts her daily painting at

For the written recap of the live interview go to

The official Vibe2Vibe website/s:

The official Tori Indeed website/s:

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