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Vibe2Vibe - Pervis Taylor III

by Vibe2Vibe

Interview directed by Tori Indeed

Pelvic Taylor III is an Award Winning Life Coach, Mental Health Advocate, author of Heal Forward (and a few other books).

Pervis Taylor III has been on quite a journey to ultimately dedicate himself to provide the practical tools necessary to successfully navigate through life. Tori Indeed briefly described Dr. P’s timeline where he gained his life experiences and wisdom as he filled in some intimate details.

Pervis Taylor III explained that we heal for the rest of our lives as time in response to his quote, “Healing isn’t linear; it’s continual”. In his recent published book Heal Forward he guides men and readers to a journey of being whole and to a maximized life by using the four V’s.

Be sure to watch the recap for the full details and information.

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