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BlackHole Tv (BHTv) is a television network distributed on multichannel platforms such as the Universe Network and ROKU. Programming on the network consists of web series, short films, feature films, reality shows, documentaries, and live events. BHTv will be accessible on Pay TV platforms as well as Apple TV & Amazon Prime in 2019. BlackHole Tv has partnered with independent content creators, major production companies, as well as concert & music festival producers around the world to ensure the originality of unique programing to get you sucked in. BlackHole Tv on the Universe Television platform offers high visibility and low competitive rates to advertisers & corporate sponsors who are seeking to increase awareness. BHTv and UNTv network provides advertisers & corporate sponsors with custom advertising solutions and unique sponsorship opportunities including product placement & immersive branding. We are always on the lookout for new content partners.
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BlackHole Tv

Lives on Social Media|Majahype Dance Hall Mix

1111 BlackHole Tv May 27 07:39 PM - 08:38 PM
IG celebrities and influences go live in this segment Music Mogul Kevin Lyles speaks and comedian and influencer Majahype goes live with Dancehall Mix Saturday 5/17/2020 @Majahype Mixaton in the Hype Zone with Spoogy The Boss


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